Residential Gateway

Metanate's client wanted high-level software to implement and manage a modular multi-processor home gateway providing various services for the home owner and utility companies.

Metanate were responsible for designing and producing all the core gateway software, which ran under embedded Linux on PowerPC architecture processors, one per gateway module. Implementation was to a fully working prototype for demonstration to utility companies, a process which Metanate supported all the way through.

  • Core module managing gateway itself (power management, detecting/coordinating other modules, network routing)
  • Broadband access to ISP via cable modem (ethernet), with automatic fail-over to dialup modem
  • ADSL broadband module (alternative to cable modem/dialup)
  • Home LAN via wired ethernet or 802.11 WiFi
  • Remote utility meter reading via RF AMR link to gas and water meters and over the mains supply to electricity meter
  • Remote load shedding under utility company control
  • House alarm integration to allow remote notification of alarm events
  • Communication with adjacent gateways via RF, allowing notification of infrastructure failures and alarm events
  • SNMP management and data access