Portfolio & Case Studies

Metanate have worked on a wide variety of projects spanning server, application, driver, security, embedded and mobile development. Projects for which a case study is available are indicated with [more]

Embedded Systems

  • PIC microcontroller technology demonstrators
  • Battery powered temperature monitor [more]
  • HVAC monitoring system
  • Boiler monitoring system
  • Embedded Linux port, support & optimisation for professional/consumer music products
  • Bluetooth LE to cellular repeater
  • Bluetooth LE asset tracking/environmental monitoring devices
  • ZigBee/BLE/WiFi/Ethernet consumer gateway device hardware/OS commissioning
  • BLE/UHF/Cellular/GPS asset tracking/environmental monitoring devices
  • USB WiFi dongle integration
  • ZigBee/Z-Wave/Ethernet consumer gateway device hardware/OS commissioning
  • USB CDMA modem integration
  • ZigBee/Z-Wave device integration
  • Application security layer for custom Z-Wave controller and support for secure devices
  • Implementation of Z-Wave features required for Z-Wave certification of custom controller
  • Test station software for gas detectors [more]
  • Embedded Linux port for set-top box reference design [more]
  • Residential services gateway [more]
  • Multi-cast boot and file system for IP based TV (server and set-top box) [more]
  • Video encryption/decryption for IP based TV (server and set-top box) [more]

Mobile Applications

  • Android monitoring tools for BLE environmental monitoring devices
  • Linux tablet application for depot processing of industrial BLE devices
  • iOS diagnostic & DFU OTA tools for BLE asset tracking devices
  • Rail vehicle gauging application for Windows tablets

Data Management & Synchronisation

  • Backend server systems supporting asset tracking/environmental monitoring devices
  • Medical device protocol converters
  • Email/directory data synchronizer [more]
  • Administration tools for GSM picocell units

Security, Email & Directory Services

  • Outlook Web Access security labelling client
  • High assurance EAL4 evaluated military grade messaging firewall [more]
  • Web-based custom CA with HSM integration [more]
  • Protocol validators (MIME, SMTP, SNMP, X.400, X.500 DAP & DISP)
  • Security label & policy editor (military grade)
  • X.400 mail & X.500 directory systems
  • Email gateway with document conversion including fax support
  • Consumer facing database backed dynamic web sites.